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Welcome to Executive Security Professionals, a veteran-owned and operated security organization. Should the need arise, we are ready and able to become your security provider. Our security services include both armed and unarmed positions, as well as security consulting.

Executive Security Professionals is right for you if you are seeking professional bodyguards. Our guards have undergone superior training to offer the best service to our high-profile clientele. In addition, we accommodate celebrities, armed or unarmed, on the set of studio productions, concert venues, endorsed events, and film and movie tours.

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Your safety is our highest priority, and we will tailor our services to best fit your personal security needs in all aspects of your life.
Some of our typical security services include:


Television Security
Television, Film On-set security

We provide armed/unarmed security guards and off-duty police officers in plain clothes while filming on location or within a studio.

escort security
Escorting Service

The appointed guard will accompany our clients every place they go, including interviews, recording sessions, appearances, meetings, and concerts, as well as clubs, parties, and award shows.

Professional Bodyguard
Professional bodyguard

We are the best executive security service available.

Private Entertainment
Private Entertainment

Partner with you to develop training criteria that will concentrate on your venue’s security requirements and customer service aspects.

celebrity security
Celebrity Protection

We play an essential role in providing security services to celebrities and athletes, including politicians, film stars, and renowned people from the arts, fashion, and sports world.

Residential Security
Residential Communities & Neighborhood Protection

We protect, monitor, guard, and patrol your community with our highly trained security officers.

Red Carpet Events
Events & Red Carpet

We are trained to deal with high-visibility settings such as red-carpet venues or any event where there is a high degree of interaction with the public.

HOA and housing security
HOA / Community security

We protect, monitor, guard, and patrol with highly trained security officers.

We are a professional executive-level protection service.

“Safety First, Security Always”